The EU-funded BRANCHES project works to increase the flow of information, new ideas and technologies among European agriculture and forestry professionals, especially in rural areas.

Bringing together 12 partners and over 30 organizations, including companies, associations, government ministries, councils and federations, the BRANCHES project will synthesize, share and present existing best practices and research results from previous and ongoing European and national projects to promote the bioeconomy and rural development through new bio-based initiatives. The project will also showcase success stories regarding forest and agricultural biomass supply chains.


Branches aims to...

  • Promote bioeconomy and rural development through sustainable biomass chains

  • Increase implementation of cost-efficient new technologies

  • Improve the connection between industry and science of bio-based economy

  • Disseminate technologies and best-practice in bioenergy and bioeconomy in rural areas

Branches project will...

  • Organize and manage 5 National Thematic Networks to guide European practitioners towards sustainable activities
  • Select and share at least 50 Best Practice useful to the bio-economy

Branches will gather...

  • Demands and needs of practitioners through 28 dedicated workshops 
  • Disseminate knowledge through 5 national seminars, 10 show case days, 10 videos
  • Inform thousands of stakeholders using the newsletter, social media and the project website.

Project Coordinator