31 May 2023

On the 9th of May, the Spanish NTN of BRANCHES (INtercamBIOM network) organised a workshop through the BRANCHES project as part of the "Inspiring practices for innovating with biomass" conference organised by AVEBIOM and BIORURAL at EXPOBIOMASA (Valladolid), which was attended by more than 100 people.

Three companies were the protagonists, all of them candidates for the Best Innovative Practice Award 2023, and examples of innovations in the way biomass and bioenergy is managed and produced.

The workshop, which brought together more than 100 participants, served to transfer how to make innovations applicable in rural areas.

The workshop more info and agenda here included an initial presentation by AVEBIOM and CIRCE, partners of the BRANCHES project and managers of the INtercamBIOM network. The project shared with the audience the progress and results achieved, as well as the next actions planned.

  "Monte Holiday Ecotourism + Forest": bioenergy to preserve the forests of the Sierra de Madrid and protect its visitors Courtesy of MONTE HOLIDAY ECOTURISM

Antonio Gonzalo started from the origin of the experience: the need to act in the forest masses as a means of protecting rural populations against fires, and the enormous synergy that is found by combining it with local use. In the case of Monte Holiday Ecotourism, it has taken many years from the beginning until all the elements have come together, and it is in 2023 that the resort already has a heating network fed with the debris of forest work in the surrounding forest.

A commitment that combines the protection of the population, the use of the forestry debris generated into state-of-the-art boilers with low emissions, and the saving and energy sovereignty of the facilities.

Straw and other agricultural by-products pelletising plant Courtesy of Ostargi, Energías Alternativas, S.L.

Aitor Eisquizabel transferred the reference model of straw pelletisation in Cuenca, after 10 years of searching for the niche and implementation. This 1 t/h plant, operational since December 2022, has already located all its production for livestock bedding, feed and energy use, generating employment in a small town, generating a first job. It highlights the key of the proximity of the straw, and the support received by the municipality.

“Arranca Cepos Easy”. Courtesy of Fravizel

Vasco Barros from Fravizel presented the “Arranca Cepos Easy” system for obtaining biomass from tree stumps. He explained that the system allows a clean cut, with a significant reduction of stones and soil. The easy-to-implement system allows for use on multiple types of machinery. To speed up operations, a suitable system is to have one head for extraction and another for handling and loading.

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