Cost-Effective Bioeconomy Technologies integrated with Bioenergy Production

Identifying the cost-efficient bioenergy technologies and transferring knowledge of their implementation potential is the key to enhance the market uptake and user acceptance of the solutions in rural areas. Local bioeconomies may consist of technologies and solutions including production of energy, intermediate energy carriers and biofuels. Solutions can be based on bioenergy or the combination of bioenergy and other renewable energy sources.

The available solutions in agriculture and forestry are screened and the most promising or feasible ones are evaluated and summarized in the form of Practice Abstracts which are used to make the practice-oriented knowledge easily available for farmers and foresters.

Industry, practitioners and academia are brought together in a series of workshops organized in BRANCHES countries to discuss the drivers, barriers and added value of the solutions with main interest arising from the collected Practice Abstracts.

Show cases organized in BRANCHES countries demonstrate the identified best practice bioenergy technologies. Furthermore, best practice case studies of the most promising solutions are published in a form of short and visual fact sheets.

The key outcome of this WP is to outline and communicate the possibilities and recommendations for future commercial bioenergy projects in rural areas for the technology providers, practitioners and policy makers.


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Heidi Saastamoinen