Regional development models that support bioeconomy innovations

The objective of this activity is to identify the determining conditions and strategic actions that enable regional sustainable development based on bioeconomy activities. Moreover, recommendations for the adoption and implementation of knowledge and best practices developed and collected in the project within regional value chains will be provided. Finally, it is envisaged to develop a transferable and standardized guideline for EU regions, which is to be made openly available to support them in identifying their framework conditions, main challenges, to foster their regional bioeconomy and possible strategic actions to implement current practices.

We will describe the status quo and framework conditions of selected EU regions in terms of their bioeconomy development level and we aim to map current policy measures and regulatory frameworks that have fostered regional bioeconomy. BRANCHES project will develop a transferable guideline for EU regions to replicate the results It is intended to establish a connection to local and regional stakeholders from the National Thematic Networks. This will allow to map the framework conditions (regulations, policy instruments, financing /available funding for the strategic use of biomass for the production of materials and energy in rural areas and information provision mechanisms) in their countries, as well as to identify what is required to steer future developments towards adoption and implementation of innovative and resource efficient technologies.


Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH – DBFZ

Laura García Laverde