Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

Dissemination and Communication are the main tools to share project results and ensure that they effectively reach farmers, foresters, entrepreneurs, policy makers in bioeconomy sector and all other private and public stakeholders, related to rural areas, as widely as possible.

The Dissemination and Communication team is responsible to gather the results from project activities and produce informative documents to be disseminated and communicated to the largest possible audience of stakeholders also All the project document templates including informative brochures and banners, logos, tools and materials have been produced to support the effective dissemination and communication of project results. It is also responsible for the publications issued by the project, for the information contained in the project website, and for the project social media including Twitter and YouTube. All the main material produced by the project is reported in English but also translated by partners into the languages of the five project countries: Finnish, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.

The Dissemination and Communication activity supports also National Thematic Networks (NTNs) established in each project country. NTNs will benefit of an e-newsletter, to update on project activities, and of the dissemination of Practice Abstracts, factsheets, workshops, and videos, through the project website, social media and other existing dissemination channels, commonly utilized by end-users in partner countries.

Together with other partners, the Communication and Dissemination team will also participate and support the organization of specific EU and national bioeconomy fairs, conferences and workshops to promote and disseminate project results.


ITABIA – Italian Biomass Association