BRANCHES – Final Conference

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FAO Headquarters

Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Italy

13-14 November 2023

The event hosted at the FAO-Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy has been consisted of two half days.

During the first day the project Partners have described the salient results achieved in a three-year period of activities dedicated to the development of the bioeconomy in rural areas (achievements, challenges and opportunities, project legacy).

During the second day – open to all European NTNs – as well as reporting in summary when discussed the previous day, a prospect of BRANCHES continuity and further dissemination of the experience have been discussed.

The meeting has also produces a press releases that will be published in national and international media to widely share the BRANCHES project results and recommendations in order to set the basis for a project legacy to be strategically launched.

The event was very successful, thanks to the collaboration of all participants. Great results achieved and new future prospects!

Furthermore, the Branches Project final conference ends with a bicycle excursion among the most beautiful parks in Rome! An exciting and spectacular 3-hour ride for 25 km, colleagues of many nationalities! Thanks to organizers, participants and guides!

Agenda BRANCHES Final Conference