Turning grass into business -webinar in Finland on 22nd of March

MTK is organizing a webinar ‘’From grass to business’’ on 22.3.2023 as a part of the BRANCHES project (WP2). The webinar is tailored specifically to crop farms, and it will provide a comprehensive overview about the benefits and possibilities of grass production. The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the opportunities regarding grass for crop farms and to find alternative income models for farmers from grass production. The webinar is arranged in collaboration with other agricultural projects.

There will be expert presentations about the current state of grass production and about the benefits of grass for soil properties and farm business. Grass market is constantly developing; therefore the focus of the webinar will also be on new possibilities for farmers to sell their grass to new businesses. Business perspective will be brought into the event by a biogas plant operator, which utilizes grass to a large extent and from a new innovative feed producer and exporter. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will have a presentation about carbon sequestration, carbon credits and farmers’ possibilities to earn from them.

The event is aimed at Finnish farmers, especially from plant production background. The event will be in Finnish and it will be arranged online via Teams. Interaction is encouraged for all participants and there is time reserved for discussion and questions. Menti platform will be used to enhance activeness in the online event.