The INtercamBIOM network (Spanish NTN of BRANCHES) is launched on 30th November with many new contents


16 November 2021

The INtercamBIOM network was launched on 30 November 2021. It took place from 11am to 12:30pm, in the format of an online seminar, and was free of charge.

The INtercamBIOM network is the instrument for the transfer of innovative practices that is being created in Spain through the European H2020 BRANCHES project. It is called Spanish National Thematic Network for BRANCHES, branded under INtercamBIOM. Since January 2021, the start date of the project, steps have been taken to establish the basis of the network: consulting sectoral organisations to make the network useful and functional, launching the website, and holding the first workshop in the framework of Expobiomasa (see video of the workshop HERE).

During the inauguration, the main features achieved by the Network INtercamBIOM were presented:

  • Five relevant organisations that support and advise the network (Who are they?)
  • The first 5 innovative practices already have videos, photos and materials on the web (See here).
  • Best Innovative Practice Award: to be opened in January 2022 (more)
  • Workshop at FIMA 2022 and visit to an innovative case in the use of vine pruning (info available soon).
  • How e-mail and whatsapp notifications work


The way to participate in INtercamBIOM was communicated during the evnt. It is as easy as subscribing via a 5-minute e-form, indicating the preferences for the information the suscriber wish to receive, and whether wish to receive it by email, in newsletters every 4 months, or instantly by WhatsApp, as soon as a new innovation is uploaded to the website.

To learn more about the benefits of participating in the network, AVEBIOM and CIRCE recommend to read this extended note published in September 2021 "You can now join the INtercamBIOM network" (I Spanish). If you want to go further, do not hesitate to contact the managementteam.




11:00 h. Welcome


Network advisory team.

11:15 h. INtercamBIOM Network: what it offers, how to participate.


11:45 h. Pioneering internships now available

Round table of 5 entrepreneurs

12:10 h. Invitation to participate and closing




VIDEO OF THE EVENT: see event here

Presentation: Download presentation

Original news (in Spanish): LINK