First Workshop for the Exchange of Innovative Practices: 22 September at Expobiomasa Fair

11 September 2021


The first workshop for the exchange of innovative experiences with biomass was held on 22 September, from 10am to 1pm, in the #CYTED room of the Feria de Valladolid, within the framework of the EXPOBIOMASA fair. The event was attended by 102 participants, and could be followed both live and by streaming.

The event was organised by the INtercamBIOM network (BRANCHES project), and collaborated by 5 other European initiatives: the Horizon 2020 REPLACE, the INTERREG projects GEFRECON and FirePOCTEP, the LIFE Smart Agromobility project, and the triangular cooperation instrument between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean Adelante2.


The day began with the presentation of the Adelante2 instrument for triangular cooperation between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean, a programme in which the transfer of innovative practices is a potential area of collaboration.

After this, AVEBIOM presented the INtercamBIOM network and three of its innovative practices, with the protagonists of these practices sharing their experiences and the keys to the implementation of the innovations they are already using.


TO DOWNLOAD the presentations:

·       Adelante 2 - EU - Latin America and Caribbean Triangular Cooperation Instrument (download)

·       The INtercamBIOM network and the BRANCHES Project (download)

·       Innovative Practices

o   Cleaning and valorisation of agricultural and forestry woody biomass - ATHISA biogeneration (see promo video) MORE INFO

o   Mobile pelletising of straw and alfalfa-Premium Pellets Spain (download)

o   Olive pomace gasification in olive oil mill - Aceites Guadalentin and BIOLIZA (download) MORE INFO

·       GEFRECON - Tools and models for joint forest management - Diputación de AVILA (download)

·       FIREPOCTEP - Cross-border forest management for fire prevention and biomass production - Diputación de AVILA (download)

·       LIFE Smart Agromobility - Biogas and biomethane production technology in pig farming - UPM (download)

·       LIFE Smart Agromobility - Scaling up the use of Biomethane on farms in CyL - UPM (download)

·       REPLACE - Guide for consumers to choose biomass heating - ESCAN (download)



These 4 projects presented different innovative ways to expand the use of biomass:

  • GEFRECON: ways of organising access to the forest resource in areas of small-scale forest ownership and multiple ownership. The experience on how to facilitate access, and the support tools they have developed
  • FirePOCTEP: a recently initiated project, presented the difficulties of forest management in border areas, and the demonstrative actions that aim to facilitate and enable its feasibility.
  • Life Smart AGROMOBILITY: approached us with the demonstration initiative to establish biogas and biomethane production systems on fattening pig farms.
  • REPLACE: presented the campaign they are launching to generate greater acceptance and confidence in the adoption of biomass boilers and cookers by citizens, as opposed to other domestic heating options.


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