EUBCE 2023 - 31st european biomass conferenze & exibition, 5-8 June in bologna (it)


3.Plenary Session BP2:
Bioenergy and Biobased Products

Gasification is a key process for the conversion of a range of feedstocks to useful intermediate products that can subsequently be used to build a variety of products. One of the biggest challenges has been to scale up the gasification process to achieve commercial success. Enerkem has developed a bubbling fluidised bed system up to commercial demonstration scale in Edmonton that can use all sorts of agricultural and forestry residues as well as industrial and commercial wastes and mixed waste plastics. The presentation will cover all the main sub-processes in the conversion of raw feedstock into useful fuels and bio-based products, including methanol and ethanol at the demonstration facility.

In addition, an overview of target products and markets as well as the status of Enerkem’s most advanced projects in Canada and Europe will be given.

The EU BRANCHES project has identified drivers and barriers for the integration of various technologies into farm and rural community bioeconomies, these technologies including biogas, hybrid energy solutions, biomass heating and CHP and advanced thermochemical conversion processes. Results from the research provide factors that may or may not have an impact on whether introduction of a bioeconomy solution could be successful. In this plenary presentation, the identified drivers and barriers affecting introduction of biomass conversion processes into rural communities will be given in terms of demographic, economic, political, ecological, socio-economic and technological factors.